Time For A New Wardrobe

I am so pumped about my new job! Not only do I get to go out with sexy men every night, but there is a slight possibly of some good old fashion sex in London. Literally I am getting paid to have fun, how cool right? I have not had my first evening date yet, I start next week. This gives me time to fill up my closet with a new wardrobe so I can look spectacular for all of my clients. The one thing I am crossing my fingers for is that these men are some what handsome. If not, there is always the fact that I get a free dinner and some drinks. Plus you never know, prince charming comes in different shapes and styles. Not that I am going to look for prince charming while I am working, it is just an expression.

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Hypnotic Entertainment

Once upon a time, I was very prude. In fact, I did not loose my virginity until my junior year of college! I was always the last of my friends to do anything! They would be surprised now if they new what I did for fun. I love to watch adult webcams! I find them so sexy. In fact, I have appeared in a few myself. I do not do anything too raunchy, but I do have fun! I have many online admirers. It is nice to come home from work to watch these videos. They really make me relax! It does not hurt that my partner enjoys them too. I did not think it would be something that he would enjoy. However, I was very wrong! We use these videos to get into the mood. Often, we use them to entertain ourselves as well. Adult video webcams are so hypnotizing!

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The Perfect Anniversary Gift

I had spent weeks searching for the perfect anniversary gift for mom and dad. But what can you get a couple who say they already have everything they need and are planning to downsize soon from a house to an apartment? Then a friend suggested I get them a gift certificate to enjoy a Nottingham escorts massage. My friend said he was recently introduced to the benefits of this type of physical therapy. And he was impressed by the fact that massage therapy helped to relieve knots in his muscles and other points where he was feeling pain. In addition, massage is great for increasing circulation throughout the body and giving the skin that extra healthy glow. Massage is great for helping an individual feel calm and relaxed. My friend mentioned how getting a massage helped him enjoy a great night’s sleep. To make a long story short, my folks loved my perfect anniversary gift!

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Taco Bell Companion

My best friend always makes fun of me because my fuck buddy has worked at Taco Bell for five years, she says that he is going to go nowhere in life. I completely agree with her and I have to explain over and over to her again that it is my “friend with benefits”. She laughs at me but I never plan on getting in a relationship with him or getting married to him, he is just so great under the sheets!

I can’t turn him down when he calls me on his day off! He is very flirty with me and he is always looking at me with is bright blue eyes when he talks to me, it just makes me melt and give in every single time. I think that she gets jealous of me because I will break my plans with her to go out with him.

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My Big Move

Growing up in a small town I never realized what else was out there in the world. I always thought life was based on a small town living, mills and churches. But, I was completely wrong. Just last year I moved out of state to a bigger city and was introduced to some amazing things. My first night at my new place I went out with Mansfield escorts and drank at an amazing local club. Before my move I never went to a bar or had a “big” night out on the town. Everything was so quiet and normal that it got intense at times. I am definitely proud of myself for getting out of there because my life has changed for the better and I have met a lot of wonderful people out here.

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I Can’t Catch a Break

Being a parent of a toddler completely takes away any and all chances of me ever finding a significant other. I don’t even recall the last time a man asked me if I wannafuck. If I had to guess it would probably be the time I got pregnant with the kids father. I absolutely love being a parent but I do wish I had at least one night a week where I can release my stress and fun with some friends. Unfortunately for me I live in a different state than my family, so there is not many people I can trust to watch my daughter. I thought about asking my neighbor but than remembered that she does not even lift a finger to clean her house and I don’t want my child running around in filth. I do not even see how she lets her own children live like that.

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Please Listen To Me

My oldest son started high school this past year and I have been really nervous about what he has been doing, and who he has been hanging out with. I can’t help but think about how it was for me when I was in high school. I actually started dating his father when I was in high school, well after he was my BBW fuck buddy for quite some time. Every weekend we would get together with friends and literally party Friday through Monday morning when we had to go back to school. I am worried that my son could easily get caught up in that same type of crowd, and he deserves way better than that. He is a smart young man with a very bright future, so it is in his best interest to avoid all of the idiots that are in his class. Hopefully he will take the advice.

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The State of Civil Union

The step from civil partnership to civil union is a process in it’s self. With more same sex couples then ever before more states are stepping up to the plate and fighting with supreme courts to legalize same sex marriage, although the marriages will only be legal in six states. The first state to ever legalize same sex marriage was Massachusetts in May 2004 followed by Connecticut in October 2008, in April 2009 the states of Iowa and Vermont past the same sex marriage law and gay fuck buddy dating as well, followed closely by Maine in May 2009 and New Hampshire in June 2009.

Although we have made big leaps forward in many states for equal rights for same sex partnerships, this is slow process and even though marriage may be obtained in six states, in all states same sex couples are not entitled to any benefits from their spouse including social security.

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